About Suelas

SUELAS is an innovative footwear concept for the modern woman on the go. Designed with the challenges facing a contemporary urban lifestyle in mind, these stylish shoes cater to every woman's footwear needs. Its novel design allow the footwear to be be flattened, folded and rolled, making it a flexible, comfortable and revolutionary solution
to footwear problems women face everyday.

SUELAS shoes are truly the remedy
to the fashionable woman's logistical and mobile problems.

Globterotting with just a tiny space in your luggage? 
Tired after a long day at work and with social functions to attend to?
Trying to commute home with the mad rush hour throng?
Doing some last minute shopping in your pumps and stilettos?
Looking forward to a fun evening of crazy dancing?
Flatten it, Fold it, Roll it. And the world of opportunity is at your feet!

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